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Back-to-School Advice: Create a Power of Attorney for Parents of Post-Secondary Students

One important back-to-school item that most post-secondary students may not be aware of is a Power of Attorney for parents, particularly when adult children are studying away from home.

Out-of-town university or college students may still need help with day-to-day items such as banking, paying bills, or even making arrangements for rentals in their name. According to the Society of […]

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Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common: who gets your share?

When you purchase property with another person, or persons, you will need to decide how you will be registered on title. Obviously, it will be important to make sure that your name is spelled correctly and that your interest, whether that be 50% or otherwise, is correctly noted.

Equally important, but not often previously considered, is whether you want to be […]

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How are Property Taxes adjusted when you buy a home?

Adjustment of Annual Property Taxes

Most homeowners are aware that Property tax bills are issued in May and are due on July 1st. Many people assume that since property taxes are due on July 1st that they are adjusted based on that due date (i.e. July 1st, 2013 – June 31st, 2014). This is not the case. Property taxes in British […]

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1st Time Home Buyer – Cutting Through the Confusion

People often call our office asking if they qualify as a First Time Home Buyer. Simple question right? Not exactly.

Why are so many buyers, realtors and lenders confused by the definition of a 1st time homebuyer? The short answer is that there hasn’t been a consistent definition. The various bodies that make the rules, whether that be the Provincial Government, […]

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