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Conveyancing is simply the process of transferring property from one person to another. Generally speaking it involves purchases, sales and mortgages of property.

The role of your Notary is to prepare and register all of the relevant paperwork while ensuring that all funds are transferred to the appropriate parties. Think of our job as that of a facilitator.

If you are a Buyer, you may be reluctant to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars on the hope that you will receive title to your new home.  As a Seller you might be apprehensive about signing a transfer of your house without the money in your hands. The job of Notaries and Lawyers is to make sure that both the Buyer and Seller are protected.

The Notaries and staff at Simpson Notaries are extremely proud to serve the people of Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Hope  with their conveyancing needs.

See our FAQ page for specific questions and answers about buying and selling property.

Buying or Selling a Home? Choose Simpson Notaries.